Monday Randomness: Time Away, Buffalo Chicken Salad and Slacking

Well my husband spent Thursday through Saturday with my dad at his hunting club down near Augusta, GA.

It was the first time since getting married and moving to my husband’s home that I had stayed by myself for that length of time.

All I have to say is, when I was single I lived in a semi-ghetto apartment for 2 1/2 years (part of that time by myself), but apparently I have gotten soft because I was sure I was going to be murdered in my bed over the weekend.

It probably didn’t help that I watched approximately  3.5 hours of Mystery Detectives and then a couple episodes of Dateline before bed.

But in case you were worried, I was not murdered in my bed, and Poppi was a great watch dog. He loves to protect me from the neighborhood cats.

Now to the food portion of this program, I whipped up some buffalo chicken salads on Wednesday night and they were a hit.

Rather than using fried chicken, I helped with calorie reduction by slathering grilled chicken with my favorite buffalo sauce.

It’s family friendly because it’s extra mild but still very flavorful, aka it tastes great but does not burn your taste buds off.

Texas Pete Extra Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce, $3.99 at Publix

I just topped it with light blue cheese dressing (you could use ranch if you prefer), a few blue cheese crumbles, fresh tomatoes, dark greens and two onion rings as a garnish (because I can’t help but be fancy).

Buffalo Chicken Salad

I also got a good start on a couple house projects that have been on my list.

Honestly, I have been slacking a lot around the house for no good reason other than feeling burnt out but hopefully that is changing:)

AND we are getting close to revealing the completed bathroom!

Sunday we spent with the kids and at church, and to be honest napping in an effort not to start out the work week exhausted.

Hope you had a great weekend, and happy Monday.

One thought on “Monday Randomness: Time Away, Buffalo Chicken Salad and Slacking

  1. I d didn’t know they made the Buffalo Wing sauce in very mild! The salad sounds great, and simple. Think I may have to try it soon.

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