Home Improvement: Spray Paint, A DIY Girl’s Best Friend

If you read any DIY blogs or magazines you know that spray paint projects abound!

And while I love to tackle decorating projects with spray paint like this post about yard sale wall sconces from last year, sometimes there are just normal everyday uses for the stuff.

Hence, this very simple project.

While creating a new photo college in one of our hall ways I finally decided to fix the problem of yellowing plastic.

The doorbell cover. It was supposed to be white, but over the years it has slowly yellowed which just makes the hall look dingy and old against the fresh paint and new white baseboard.

Spray Painted Door Bell Box

So I asked Joe to grab a can of flat white spray paint the next time he was at Ace Hardware.

And then I simply popped the cover off the wall and got to work.

Spray Painting Door Bell Cover

Total cost, $4.50 and about 5 minutes of working time plus 24 hour drying and de-fuming time in the garage.

Tada! No more dingy looking doorbell cover!

The Domestic Lady- Spray Paint is a DIY Girl's Best Friend


5 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Spray Paint, A DIY Girl’s Best Friend

  1. I did the same thing to our doorbell cover! Ours was oak wood and looked awful so I painted it white! I used regular white trim paint though instead of spray paint (since that’s what we had). It looks SOOOO much better. Love it! And love yours too!

  2. Wow…talk about immediate gratification! I’ve always chosen a paint brush over a spray can b/c I’m afraid of the mess I’ll make. I know there’s a simple trick to it (I noticed a box in your picture) but I have yet to master it. I did paint my frame (with a brush! lol!) It turned out great. :)

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