Monday Randomness: For Tuesday, Soul Mates, Chicken Biscuits, Pot Roast and Apple Dessert Pizza

Well this weekend was one of a lot of tiny home projects and lots of food prep.

Basically I have decided that cooking and checking email is a sign that I am bored.

And usually I am doing them at the same time.

And this weekend I must have been bored.

So Friday night I whipped up some chocolate cup cakes with cream cheese frosting.

Then Saturday I got up before everyone else and procured some chicken biscuits for breakfast.

Then I picked up the stuff to make Bird’s Nest Sandwiches for lunch.

birds nest

Then for dinner I reheated some freezer meatballs from this recipe and made some pasta.

Meatballs 003

Then I also whipped out a pot roast (it has taken me years but I have finally achieved my Grandma Deuink’s pot roast), mashed potatoes, and snap beans with candied bacon (recipe coming soon).

Then I promptly took a nap.

And then got up and made an Apple Doozie (apple dessert pizza) for dinner because I wanted too. I am going to post my variation on the recipe next week. It was delish.

Apple Doozie

And then Joe and I got into an interesting discussion on soul mates and whether or not we believe in such a thing.

And our unanimous decision was that soul mates are like magic.

It would be cool if it were real, but it’s just a fantasy.

And we also agreed that the idea of soul mates for single or married people is kinda dangerous.

It gives the married person who has found his “soul mate” (in someone other than his or her spouse )an out.

They can just declare that they have found their true soul mate and then extract themselves from the relationship they are currently in.

And it gives singles a reason to be overly picky in partners because they “have not found their soul mate yet.”

Ultimately, marriage is about commitment along with a few other things.

And no mate for your soul who is not committed will stick around.

I in my short (almost) one year marriage I can easily say that commitment is a choice you make everyday, on the fun days and on the hard days.

And after Joe and I finished our conversation, I heard this broadcast on Focus on the Family. It perfectly summed up my thoughts.

There, if that post was not random I don’t know what is. Happy Tuesday.

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