Monday Randomness: For Wednesday, Our Trip and a Pumpkin Proposal

Joe and I had a great time on our trip to Devil’s Fork @ Lake Jocassee celebrating our first anniversary.

I highly recommend SC State Park Villas at Devil’s Fork State Park; they are not fancy but are clean, fully equipped and reasonably priced!

We had semi- private dock/beach access, outdoor grill area, a full screened in porch, large fireplace, satellite TV.

I loved that it was only an hour away but felt super remote.

We rented a boat (motorized in case you thought I had lost my mind and rented a canoe) for Saturday and enjoyed exploring the lake at our leisure.

First Anniversary Trip

It was an incredibly relaxing time, and the only thing I “cooked” was Stouffer’s Chicken Enchiladas:)

And while we were gone my brother Rodney decided to propose to his girlfriend with my mom and sister’s help.

Here is the story I was told about the pumpkins. Lettering on the pumpkins courtesy of my mom:)

(you also need to understand that most of the men in my family are big hunters, and the girls play along with the outdoorsy activities)

Pumpkin Proposal

“They were going shooting on his property. He had the targets (pumpkins) lined up far enough away that she couldn’t read them w/o looking through the rifle scope. It would be her first time to shoot a rifle (which was not yet loaded). After the scoping exercise, she never did fire it! “

So cute and creative. I am proud of Rodney for pulling it off and so happy to have Alyssa for a sister-in-law.


6 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: For Wednesday, Our Trip and a Pumpkin Proposal

  1. Awesome idea for a proposal. I love it. And by the way, my honeymoon was on the outer banks 27 years ago. We stayed near Witch’s Point and I think there was a Devis Head Island – when I read your destination for your anniversary trip, I just smiled at the name. Glad you had a great time.

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