Retail Therapy: New Makeup Finds from Avon

I have a phobia of drug stores.

I would rather die than go in one.

I don’t know why.

I just can’t stand them.

So I am one of those weirdos that orders toiletries and stuff online.

Hey, if amazon will ship toilet paper and deodorant to me for free and I don’t have to step foot in a drug store that makes my life that much easier.

Anyway, I have seen several great reviews on Avon makeup recently and since I discovered you can order it online I thought I would give it a try even though I have not used any Avon products since Skin So Soft was all the rage circa 1990.

So I ordered a solid blush, eyeliner and concealer.

And I was so impressed by the quality of these products!

And I can honestly say that the concealer (in light) and eyeliner (in plumful and blackout) and are the best I have ever used.

The Domestic Lady- Has Avon Make Up Gotten Better

1, 2, 3

All three products apply SO smoothly and stay on ALL day.

And as someone with VERY dark circles under my eyes, the all day coverage for the concealer is mandatory or people start asking me if I am sick or tired which is never flattering.

My grand total was $31.80 with free shipping, and considering I usually spend $20 on just concealer I think that’s a pretty cheap chic deal!

Happy Friday!

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