Home Improvement: Painting Our Kitchen Cabinets, Part 1 of 3

October 2012- During the hardwood floor project

Welcome to my kitchen of orangy partially laminate cabinets.I mentioned my desire to tackle my kitchen cabinets on Monday.So here is my official game plan.At this point, we were finishing house projects, moving all my stuff from my apartment and getting married so please excuse the state of the kitchen in this pictures. Keeping it real.

Cabinet redo

Worst “photoshop” job ever but you get the idea.

I (by I, I mean Joe) will remove the hard to reach/awkward top cabinet and shelf on the left side and the display shelf of the right side of the sink.

It will be similar to this post by Magenta and Lime. Once the cabinet on the left side are removed I am going to hang some 12-14″ deep shelves to use as open storage.

I think it will really open up the space around the sink and window and be more usable. As it is now if feels very cramped and crowded.

new rug 12

The (warped)counter top is very deep in that corner so as it is now I can only reach the bottom shelf of the left cabinet which leaves the other 3 shelves pretty useless. It does not pay to be 5’2″ tall.

And since there is so much open space above the window, I am going to create the illusion that the window is larger than it is by making a roman shade the mounts close to the ceiling.

Anyway, this project is out of my comfort zone, and I am trying not to think about “what in the world am I going to replace the yellowy cream counter tops with once I am done” or even worse how much it will cost to replace them. But I will cross that bridge when I get there.

 I have done lots and lots of research, and for our cabinets this is the paint I am planning to use.

Thankfully, Home Depot has the formulas to tint it; so if all goes well I will have Bedford Gray cabinets come New Years!


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