Home Improvement: Kid Bathroom Complete and Tips for Finishing Home Improvement Projects

Tips for finishing home improvement projects: 

#1. The key to finishing these more expensive projects is the spread out the cost over several months. I started buying supplies for this project back in July which meant that we did not have to pay $1000 out of pocket once we were ready to start working on the bathroom because I had already purchased over half the supplies in July and August. And it keeps you from having to stop a project midway through to save up more money. Plan ahead! 

#2. When working on these larger projects be willing to change your game plan. We actually selected two other kinds of tile before we ended up with the blue penny tile. And I changed my mind on vanities three times. But ultimately I am VERY happy with the products we purchased.

#3. Plan to take time-off during the middle of the project. In other words, plan for interruptions. Don’t expect to complete the project in one weekend. That’s one of my pet peeves with HGTV, the time lines they create on their shows are really unrealistic, especially if you have kids, work full time etc. 

#4. If you work on projects with your spouse, roommate etc, plan out who will do what. My husband and I have our own strengths and weaknesses. Trading off on tasks gives each person a break and also keeps the peace, particularly when you are working in tight spaces. 

Kid Bathroom ProgressThe last time I blogged about this project we were in the pre-tile phase as you can tell from this collage.

Here is the progression since then.

Phase 2 kid bathroom

After getting lots of feedback over Facebook and the blog from you all in regards to the paint color we decided to leave the paint as is. The vanity is installed in a way that it can be removed pretty easily making repainting not such a big deal now.

Tada! The finished project.

The Domestic Lady -Penny Tile Bathroom Makeover

Kid Bath Penny Tile

Project Totals:

  1. $262.76 SomerTile 12.25×12-in Penny 3/4-in Lite Blue Porcelain Mosaic Tile (10% off coupon, plus 5% back via ebates.com)
  2. $50.99 Restoration Chrome 4-inch Center Bathroom Faucet (10% off coupon, plus 5% back via ebates.com)
  3. $250.99 Ceramic-top 24-inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity and Basket ($300 off price match thanks to wayfair, plus 5% back via ebates.com)
  4. $99.73 Pine baseboard and shoe molding 
  5. $40.00 Concrete board (installed under the tile)
  6. $40.00 Grout, thinset, and mixer
  7. $200 Chrome plumbing, tile laying tools, toilet seat, toilet wax seal, etc
  8. $20 white Silicone caulk

Grand total: $964.47 (minus $30 rebate from ebates.com)

I asked my husband, who really gets ALL the credit for this makeover, if he would lay penny tile again. He said,”Yes, I would. It was not nearly as hard as I though it would be.”

The shower curtain is from West Elm and the map art is by Off the Map.

And thanks to Young House Love; their Penny Tile Tutorial really was helpful for this project.

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Kid Bathroom Complete and Tips for Finishing Home Improvement Projects

  1. Really quite beautiful! I am looking into doing SOMETHING in my ONLY bathroom of the house. Really, the whole thing is TERRIBLE, but I’d need something that wouldn’t leave us bathroom-less for an extended period. Luckily, we could go across the street to family, but that would get tiresome after a while, haha.

  2. I love, love, love the wall color! Those that told you it was “too bright”…just don’t know true color. I think a bathroom should be exciting! Face it…we spend more time in there than any room in the house if you added it all up. It should be a “relaxing” place to go! You guys did a great job! Didn’t see your husbands’ chainsaw appear either!

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