Monday Randomness: Conquering the Command Strip and Of Course A Bunch of Food

Well this weekend started off pretty normal.

I made Thai chicken pizzas for dinner on Friday night (which I actually made with turkey, but don’t tell anyone). I also made some pulled pork queso dip(I cannot seem to make enough food to fill up these teenage boys).

Photo by how sweet eats

The dip was a new recipe that I was trying out. It was to die for; I think I hit my limit for “food with fake cheese” for the month.

But it was tasty!

Later, I decided I better pull out some Christmas decorations.

And I once again battled the Command strips while trying to hang outdoor wreaths. Does anyone else think they are crazy expensive? Or is it just me?

Anyway, after two of the four I was using failed, I ran to Home Depot to try yet again to buy replacement “stickers.”

But while looking I ran across these at Lowes.

Holiday Living Giant Suction Cup Wreath HangerHoliday Living Giant Suction Cup Wreath Hanger
Holiday Living Giant Suction Cup Wreath Hanger $1.97

It’s a large suction cup (holds up to 10 lbs) that attaches to any smooth surface…and they require no expensive “stickers” to hold them up.

I was sold. I bought several and so far I can report that they are holding up great!

I am going to go back to get a few more.

Then Saturday morning, my sisters, Mom and a few friends went out to Tupelo Honey for breakfast to celebrate my sister Nancee Lee’s birthday, and then we all went by the holiday Indie Craft Parade which was great as always.

Then I raced home to get a few more things done around the house before racing out the door to get to a coworker’s Christmas party that was a 1/2 hour away.


And then Sunday morning Joe and I worked with the older toddlers during church which is always amusing for numerous reasons.

After church I made venison steak sandwiches which the boys loved! Quick, simple and easy.

Venison Steak Sand

And then I promptly jumped in bed for a quick nap before our church small group on Sunday night.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: Conquering the Command Strip and Of Course A Bunch of Food

  1. Hi Rene’, how ever did you get the wreath holder from Lowe’s to work? I can’t get mine to work and I’ve never had a suction cup not work before. Any trick?


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