My Look-A-Like Minted 2013 Photo Collage for FREE


Disclaimer: if you are not slightly computer savvy this project may be too technical for you.

But hey, I have never taken a real computer class, and now I blog so there is hope for us all.

Anyway, I was recently inspired by the photo collage above by Minted. But at $35 for a printed copy, I was not interested.

Then I got to thinking about the free super user friendly photo editing site I use called PicMonkey.

So I picked the free collage option on PicMonkey and started weeding through this year’s photos from trips, facebook selfies etc until I came up with 16 photos that really described our year.

I uploaded all the photos to the collage.

pic monkey

And then I simply saved the collage to my desktop.

2013 Collage

And then I opened a blank word doc, and clicked “insert picture.”

And voila, my collage was now centered on a 8×11 sheet of “paper.”

Then I added the year to the lower right hand corner by inserting a “text box.”



And then I simply printed my document. (You could even do this whole project in black and white for a different effect).

Then I just found a 8×10 frame in my frame stash, trimmed the paper to the correct size and tada!
Basically free art work vs $35 plus shipping.

I think that is pretty cheap chic.

Minted Lookalike Art

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “My Look-A-Like Minted 2013 Photo Collage for FREE

  1. Rene’ saw where you suggested the Mighty Mite vacuum. I am looking for a second one to keep upstairs.Where is the best place to purchase? Walmart? Always enjoy your posts! Thanks, Dee

    On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 9:00 AM,

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