Retail Therapy: My Favorite New Leggings and a Giveaway

First of all,


I wear them with long cardigans, tunics or dresses

And I always struggle with finding leggings that are completely opaque.

Non-baggy knees and a comfortable waistband are important too.

But recently I stumbled upon these and they are awesome.

Hue, Ultra Leggings- Wide Waistband, $36

Big wide waistband for they don’t fall down or roll down.

Non-baggy knees 

And not see through at ALL

So whether you just wear leggings around the house or like to dress them up for a day on the town, you need these non-pants of comfort!

And because I stumbled upon these leggings from heaven I am giving away one pair this weekend.

You can enter three ways.

#1 Just comment below with your plans for the weekend.

#2. Share the giveaway on facebook or twitter and then leave a comment below that you did.

#3. Like the blog facebook page, here.

Winner announced on Monday morning.

Winner can choose a size and color of their choice.

***I was not compensated for this giveaway. I just wanted to share the legging love.***

34 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: My Favorite New Leggings and a Giveaway

  1. I’m taking a yoga class for the fun of it, and re-organizing my kitchen. Leggings are a must for this time of the year!

  2. I will be coaching a youth girls basketball game on Saturday morning with my daughter, Jaden, playing. Then I am planning on installing, with my husband, two new to us toilets. These will be replacing some very old toilets that use way to much water!

  3. I will be spending my weekend at my sons soccer games, prepping & cooking yummy goodness to to go in the freezer! Exciting I know :)

  4. Hopefully get lots of rest. Feeling a cold coming on — which shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve ended up spending time with numerous sick people this week. Of course, I didn’t know they were sick until they sneezed in my direction. Gotta love it. :)

  5. This is Birthday Weekend, our annual birthday celebration for my husband’s and daughter’s birthdays! My daughter and her husband are coming Saturday, and we will celebrate at dinner out Saturday night with the whole family (minus one). Also will be shopping and planning my daughter’s baby nursery–fun, fun, fun!

    1. OOPS… unpacking the FROG..(still unpacking from a move from up North) this weekend and running the weimeraner at the beach

  6. I love beautiful comfortable clothes! And this weekend I am going to a winter warmer for my neighborhood and taking donations for the Julie Valentine project!

  7. yoga, running and lots of sitting by the fire and studying! Adorable leggings and I love that you pointe4d out you wear long tops with leggings. It is a must. Only very few people can pull off not covering :)

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