Monday Randomness: All Sorts of (Pre) Pre-adolescent Beings in Our House

I need to mention that after titling this post I googled pre-adolescent to discover that it only describes children ages 10-12 thus (pre) pre-adolescent took the place of the previous title.

So I need you to appreciate the research that goes into writing these posts. Only the best for my readers. (sarcastic tone)

Doggie Endtable

Well the story of this weekend began last Saturday when I asked my sister if we could keep my 2 1/2 yr old niece for her this weekend.

She agreed, and the members of my (weekend) household cheered in delight (in my mind anyway) of toddler fun for one whole weekend.

My niece says and does hilarious things which are more entertaining than cable TV so I thought we would be in for an exciting weekend.

Then last Sunday afternoon it struck me that we had also agreed to keep my brother-in-law’s 3 month old puppy (approx but who’s counting) while they were away for a birthday get-away.

So the phenomena of a toddler/puppy weekend was born.

I also remembered that I had planned a painting project on Saturday, but quickly threw that plan out.

I can’t handle paint/toddler/puppy at the same time.

So our weekend was full of dog corralling, chicken nuggets, Veggie Tales, puppy chow, naps and lots of laughs.

Bailee started 45 minute trip from her house to my house by declaring, “No, I am not picking my nose. I am just getting the boogers out.”

And the weekend only got better from there.

Playing Collage

 I had the best night of sleep last night than I have had in months which is an indicator of the amount of energy I must have expended over the weekend.

Which either means I need to get a new puppy or a baby in order to incorporate better sleep in my life.

But somehow that just does not sound quite right.

Happy Monday!


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