Home Improvement: The Tale of the Bamboo Shades

So I broke our mini-blinds in the living room.

I NEED natural light in my life and the daily rountine of the up and down motion just wore them out.

Although it didn’t help that I may have accidentally yanked them off the window one time (or maybe three times).

So since we needed a replacement shade anyway, I decided to upgrade to bamboo roman shades for both of the large windows in our main living area.

Like almost everything in our house, of course our window size was not stardard so I had to search EVERYWHERE for the correct size.

Overstock came through for me and with a coupon code I purchased the roman shades for about $55 each which is not too bad considering how enormous they are.

Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shade

I told Joe to put the blinds down so I could take a before picture, but before I could even do that they fell off the wall.

So just pretend like there was an incredibly awful before picture.

They really add a nice warmth to the room.

And since they are screwed directly into the header here’s hoping I don’t yank them down again (or maybe three times).

Have a great weekend!

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