Monday Randomness: Porch Dreams

We had a pretty busy week.

We had places to be everyday after work which is evidenced by the overflowing baskets of laundry still in our bedroom.

But I did get one load done and we didn’t wear any dirty clothes this week so I would call it a win.

And in case you are still jealous of my lack of completing household duties I also did not cook all week.

We are still on a juicing fast(I am not fasting but still not eating much) so cooking is useless.

But I did whip up some pizzas and a grilled pork loin so that the kids would not starve over the weekend.

After many months of reluctance, we finally made it to the decking store on Saturday.

And somehow I had built up (pun intended) in my mind how going to the store would inspire me and and fulfill all my new porch dreams.

Well reality set in. We are going to have to get a little creative.

But we will finally replace our rotted front porch if I have to wield a saw and hammer myself.

Here are the composite samples we are considering. My vote is the darkest gray.

And then use this as the railing.


We are hoping to add a some piazza to our little house because we both agree that the exterior has nothing really going for it other than the shutters and front door that we painted this time last year.

So here’s hoping that our piazza plan works. At this point I am tentatively hopeful.

Happy Monday!

Saturday 001


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