Home Improvement: Painting Our Kitchen Cabinets, Part 2 of 3

I posted about painting my kitchen cabinets back in November.

And I had planned to paint them in December.

I really had good intentions.

But then life got in the way.

Better late than never, I started attacking them this past weekend.

The change (in my mind anyway) is huge already, and I have not even opened a paint can.

I removed the knick-knack display shelves on either side of the sink and the one awkward cabinet to the left of the sink.

I am going to replace the cabinet with three floating shelves for drinking glasses, plates and cereal bowls.

Overstock, $47.00

Here is the progress so far:



IMG_20140301_120046_180_zpsiubn8l9c (1)



I can’t believe how much more natural light fills the room already.

When I started applying the paint I started freaking out a little…or a lot.

But since I did a practice run on an old cabinet the night before, I knew what to expect sort of.

Of course, once it dried it looked tons better.

And now I feel confident I didn’t just ruin our kitchen cabinets.

I hope to knock out the whole project in a few weeks.


And in case you were wondering what my husband was doing while I was taking down wall cabinets…

he was trying out his new chainsaw by cutting down some halfway fallen trees in our back yard.

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Painting Our Kitchen Cabinets, Part 2 of 3

  1. Isn’t that just like men…they find the most “inopportune time” to do the things that’s been waiting for a year once you start a major home renovation! Do they even have a brain?? My Mom used to say “the only reason women needed men was for reproduction!” So true Mom! R.I.P.

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