Monday Randomness: Falling for Vacations, Cabinet Painting, and the State of our Front Porch

So apparently I have I started a tradition of falling when on vacation which I am going to attest to the fact that I become so relaxed that my legs just decide not to work.

And when I say “fell,” I don’t mean a little trip. I mean head and body on the ground (or riverbed).

I fell when we were in MI this summer (in a river no less), and then again over the weekend.


Both led to sore ankles and bruises (both pride and body parts).

Last Sunday while walking up to the cute bed and breakfast we stayed at I miss stepped in my 3 inch wedge shoes (I mean really, who wears heels on vacation).

My husband was still unloading the car and didn’t see me, but one second I was walking along and then next I was laying prostrate on the ground.


So much for trying to appear like sophisticated people staying at a B&B.

Anyway, we came back to the reality on Tuesday and I immediately started painting cabinets again after work on Wednesday. I am on coat three of the cabinet frames.

I am hoping that three coats will do it. Hoping, crossing my fingers, looking for four-leaf clovers (got my St Patrick’s Day reference in), and wishing upon a star.

And then I will start on all the doors and drawer fronts.

And while I have been working on the cabinets, my husband has been doing a lot of maintenance stuff outside, cutting overgrown tree limbs etc.

And we thought he would be building a new front porch here in the next month or so, but we got the quote back for the composite decking(option #1) and the concrete/brick work (option #2).

Composite decking -$3,500 in supplies, no labor included

Concrete/Brick porch -$3,100 gravel, brick, poured concrete and all labor

So we have decided to go the concrete route because #1 they will do all the work and #2 they will do all the work.:)

But seriously, I would not have believed that the brick work would be cheaper than composite decking materials.

And we actually preferred the look of a brick porch similar to the one below except on a much smaller scale.


I am so glad we did the research before we firmed up our plans.


So we will be pulling out the over grown shrubbery, and tearing down the rotting/sinking deck, working on the water drainage problem that causes the sinking deck, and then the masons will come in and do their thing.

I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT IS ALL DONE! I think our goal is to be done before summer, hopefully beating the heat.

Do you have any spring projects going on?


One thought on “Monday Randomness: Falling for Vacations, Cabinet Painting, and the State of our Front Porch

  1. I’m glad you’re okay, Rene’. :)

    Wow, you guys are knocking a lot of things off the “to-do” list. I’m envious — but we’re slowly getting there. Our Spring project will include tearing down a 100 year old storage building in the backyard and hopefully tearing down a wall inside the home as well. Yeah, we’re all about tearing down! lol

    I look forward to seeing your finished masterpieces.

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