Home Improvement: The Floating Shelf Saga


So if you follow my blog with any regularity you know that I am painting my kitchen cabinets and giving my kitchen an overall face lift, see posts here and here.

And included in that face lift is a wall of three long floating shelves to hold glasses, cereal bowls etc.

I had decided on the shelves above from overstock.com because they were the right size. but I kept holding out for a good sale or coupon code.

But the sale never came and I refuse to pay $140 for three pieces of MDF with a bracket on the back.

So I kept searching. My original plan was to use the LACK FLOATING SHELVES from IKEA, but the sizes were all wrong and the shelves cannot be cut down.

And then Target came through for me with a new line of floating shelves call Big Boy Shelf.

Not only are they almost half the price of the overstock shelves, but they hold A LOT more weight than the IKEA lack shelves which is important because I will be storing glasses on them.

floating shelf 1

But after virtually putting three shelves in my cart the shipping costs went sky high.

floating shelves

Thankfully my sister came through with her Target Red CARD (which I am now going to get because it proved to me that it was worth it) and I saved all the shipping costs plus a 5% discount.


My original total would have been $140.99, but I ended up only paying $68.95.

The moral of the story is it pays to keep looking and to NOT impulse shop especially when buying for home improvement projects.

Planning ahead and really getting a good idea of the options, brands and quality of the products will save you headaches in the long run.

And it also proves the power of internet shopping. All this looking around online and playing with coupon codes to get the price down took about one hour over the course of three weeks.

If I had gone to all 10 stores I looked at online it would have taken me several days and lots of precious free time!

What do you think? Are you an internet shopping pro or do you prefer the brick and mortar option?

Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Home Improvement: The Floating Shelf Saga

  1. Rene, I have to admit I have been following your Home Improvement pages on your blog :-) It showed up on facebook and I wanted to see the before and after pictures. I have been telling Larry now that he isn’t working at Hampton Park anymore, he needs to start some Home Improvement projects that I need done. First thing I asked him to consider doing is to remove the very outdated knick knack shelves in my kitchen. We haven’t started the project yet but I am watching to see how your’s turns out. Looking good! Love & prayers from the Kesters.

    1. I am so glad I am inspiring you:) I probably have about two more weeks of late night painting before I am done but it’s really starting to look good:) Can’t wait to share the final product:)

  2. I LOVE my Target Red Card! I’m so glad you are getting one. I can tell you it’s so worth it. We have the debit card one. I order stuff online a lot and if you sign up for recyclebank.com and earn points (super easy) they have a coupon on there for $5 off a $50 Target.com purchase that you can use. :) Love your blog.

  3. Your blog links haven’t been showing up on my FB feed with any sort of regularity, which is why I’m late to the party here. Those shelves, however, are very interesting and might provide a solution to an issue that popped up a couple of weeks ago. We have to replace our bathroom linen cabinet with shelves of some sort; those look far nicer than anything else I’ve seen so far! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    1. Hi. The reason you are not seeing my posts is because Facebook requires that I pay them to allow all my readers to see my posts. The easiest way not to miss anything is to subscribe via email or to “subscribe” to my posts of facebook. If you have more questions, email me at thedomesticlady@yahoo.com

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