Home Improvement: Our Kitchen Makeover COMPLETE! (mostly)

First of all, painting our kitchen cabinets is the biggest DIY project I have ever tackled (almost entirely)by myself.

It took a total of 66 days to complete between daily life and work etc.

Here is our kitchen 24 months ago, Joe removed yellowing linoleum and added hardwood floors.




Then we added a built-in microwave and replaced the refrigerator.

And then I started painting the cabinets in March.

Here is the mostly finished product. I will write another post with all the products I used to make the job easier.

I still have touch ups to do and switch plates to buy but at least you get the picture of what the transformation will be.





Before After Kitchen Cabinets

9 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Our Kitchen Makeover COMPLETE! (mostly)

  1. Wow! You’re so talented, Rene’ . You have a great eye for style and design. LOVE your new kitchen!

  2. It looks GREAT Rene’! I love it! I am anxious to hear about the cabinet painting process and the products you used. When we first moved into our house I tried to tackle this project and it failed miserably. Even using a home improvement store recommendation of sanding and brand of paint, it still looks awful. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. Good job Rene ! Would love to see it . Don’t think I will be coming your way again . JoAnn

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