Another Wedding Weekend- Rodney and Alyssa

Someone asked me today, “So you don’t have anymore single siblings, right?”

No, I still have two more that I assume will get married eventually.

But they will need to wait until we all recover from this past weekend.

My brother Rodney married Alyssa Saturday. (I posted their engagement story here)

That makes five weddings for my parents in the last four years.

Gabrielle Grace Photography

It was a fun wedding held at Furman University’s Daniel Chapel.


The reception was held at the church my family attends.

My only real part in this wedding was helping my parents’ with the rehearsal dinner for about 60 people which they hosted at their home.

It was definitely a group effort.

We have done this so many times that it seems like everyone knows their job.

My mom and sister Annie made huge batches of coleslaw, baked beans, triple chocolate cake, and banana pudding. (recipes here and here and here)

I made five fresh strawberry pies (recipe here)

And then everyone pitched in with the set-up.


How cute is my mom’s pallet menu sign?

rehearsal dinner set up, photo by sister-in-law Holly
plenty of desserts at the rehearsal dinner :)

And my niece Bailee almost managed to steal the show.


Gabrielle Grace Photography


8 thoughts on “Another Wedding Weekend- Rodney and Alyssa

  1. Wait…where’s the banana pudding recipe??? Awesome rehearsal dinner by the way. Southerners know how to do them. ;-)

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