Home Improvement: 10 No Fail Paint Colors

No Fail Paint Color Collage- thedomesticlady

I get asked all the time about paint colors that I use regularly in design projects.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but these are definitely some of my favorites.

Tide Water Sherwin Williams 6477 (example)

This is a cool blue, depending on the light is a powder blue or light turquoise. I actually used this in my office at my day job because it’s similar to our logo coloring.

Rice Grain Sherwin Williams 6155 (example)

Rice grain is a great color for rooms that you just don’t know what to do. It also works great as a contrasting ceiling color. And it lends itself to be a little green in certain lights.

Nuthatch Sherwin Williams 6088 (example)

I LOVE this color for the bedroom with white linens. It’s so warm and cozy!

It’s also great in a little girls room with lots of blush pink. So cute.

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore 2137-60 (example)

If you are looking for a basic gray this is your color. It’s very neutral and cool. Perfect for rooms that feel small.

Blue Suede Home Depot Martha Stewart Living (example)

This color is also great in bedrooms. It is definitely a living color. Sometimes it reads as a navy and other times just a medium blue. It looks great with yellow or coral.

Arcade White Sherwin Williams 7100 

Basic white. You just can’t go wrong.

Heartthrob Sherwin Williams 6866 (example)

I have used this in interiors and exteriors. It’s the perfect tomato red. Not too pink and not too orange.

Proper Gray Sherwin Williams 6003 

I used this color in my sister’s home. It is also a cozy color. It has more blue in it that the Owl Gray. My sister paired it with white, light lavender color and lots of silver accessories. It’s gorgeous.

Enamelware Home Depot Martha Stewart Living

Have you seen the Martha Stewart lines at Macys? All the cute vintage inspired kitchen accessories? Well this color was inspired by that line of products. It’s so pretty and bright. I love it in my sun room.

Blue Suede

If you want more options follow my No Fail Paint Colors board on Pinterest.

Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Home Improvement: 10 No Fail Paint Colors

  1. I cannot tell you HOW HAPPY I am to find this post on your 10 No Fail paint colors. This palette encompasses several colors we already have on our walls (nuthatch in our living room and a color very similar to heartthrob in our entryway (a 3.5′ x 6′ vestibule)). We love the nuthatch and heartthrob in their current locations, but we are really struggling to choose a paint color for the hall that connects the entryway to the living room. We have literally tried 5 different colors in the hall (from BM “crowne hill yellow” to Lowe’s creamy yellow “lighthouse” to SW “sensational sand” to Lowes “ocean front” and “trade secret” turquoises). The yellows were all wrong; the turquoises are getting closer, but we are still really struggling to choose a color / shade we will love, will work in the space, and will work with the surrounding colors. By the way, the trim is BM “marscapone” white and the doors are light cherry wood. Our house is a red brick 1949 “ranch bungalow.” Can you advise me?

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