Monday Randomness: Slacking, Meal Planning, and Popcorn for Dinner

After weeks of being basically a complete slacker in regards to domestic duties I actually made a meal plan last week and then executed it.

The executing it is sometimes the hard part because by 6 pm on a work day all I want to do it put on my pjs and watch Wheel of Fortune.

No, I am not 78, what do you ask?

And let’s be honest, popcorn and diet coke seem like a perfectly acceptable dinner option to me.

My husband thinks otherwise.

But two weeks ago there was a day that we ate at Chick-fila two times, and I thought to myself, “You really need to get with the program.”

So during the week I whipped up a Tex-Mex casserole, breakfast for dinner, and a chipotle steak salad and felt like I had never been more productive, which was good for my morale.

And then to top it off, I actually did a bunch of ironing. After which I promptly sat down to watch some TV because I didn’t want to overdue my productivity. My body may have gone into shock with all the non-slacker activities.

And before I get ahead of myself I should add that I still have piles of laundry to fold, and I need to go grocery shopping.

And then by Friday evening after work, I desperately needed some girl time because I felt that my testosterone levels were frighteningly high; so I went shopping by myself and spent a grand total of $17 because lately we have been bleeding money so I have cut any shopping funds drastically.

Then Saturday Joe spent most of the day trying to fix a clogged sink. And unfortunately its still not fixed. So instead of installing the porch columns we had a very frustrating weekend.

And last but not least I have had an ongoing saga with the dog. Since I got married he likes to wake me up between 2-4am most nights to let him out and to get water.

It’s incredibly annoying, and I know it causes me to not get good sleep. And I know he can make it through the night because until I got married he never had this “problem.”

So Tuesday I finally listened to my husband and put Poppi in his kennel at night.

So let me tell you. I have slept like a champion ever since.  Blissful sleep.

I can’t believe I didn’t listen to him sooner.

Happy Monday!

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