Home Improvement: The Plumbing Saga and It’s Spiritual Qualities


Well I know you all were on pins and needles about our plumbing saga yesterday. I’m happy to inform you that as a 715 on Monday evening we now have free flowing kitchen sink.


Unfortunately my kitchen rug did not survive the ordeal and will be going in the garbage.It looks okay but I can’t handle the fact that it was doused with raw kitchen sewage water multiple times on Saturday.


But I would like to report that the paint finish on my cabinets can survive large splashes of nasty water.


Joe got stuck doing the 50ft worth of snaking the drains and pipes involved in this incident. While my job was to listen to the water in the pipe in the basement. This is just as glamorous as it sounds. I kind of think it might have been a made-up job. But we survived after 3 trips to home depot. And I heard Joe yell “praise God” when we heard the water running because nothing will bring you closer to God than a serious plumbing issue.
And in the midst of the chaos I lit a candle to help me find my serenity now. And the smell from the burning match lead Joe to yell “is house on fire now too?”
Happy Tuesday.

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