Monday Randomness: Nothing Exciting Happened

Hello, I can’t say I am glad it’s Monday, but I am glad that we survived the weekend without any major home catastrophes (see last week’s post).

And just to inform you of how traumatic our plumbing problem was I dreamed that we woke up Thursday morning and it was all clogged again. And then Joe and I just cried. And then I woke up and was so happy to hear my dishwasher still working.

I may never recover from the trauma.

I am happy to report that I am really enjoying my Saturday morning pool time, probably more that I should.


But most Saturday mornings, it’s quiet and calm.

On Thursday, I ran by Lowes on my way home from work and scored two patio trees at 70% off. I am hoping these will survive the heat because my last one got fried.



On Friday I made a big batch of slow cooker Honey Sesame Chicken and this new-to-me rice recipe (I used less butter and replaced the beef stock with chicken stock).

It was tasty!

Saturday, I woke up with a migraine that didn’t go away until sometime late on Sunday afternoon.
Oh and randomly a tree guy stopped by our house in the afternoon and offered to take down the dead tree in our backyard. We agreed because every time we have a bad storm we are sure its going to fall on our house.

So that’s one less house project that we have to do.
I will be impressed if anyone actually read this far down in this incredibly riveting post.
Happy Monday!

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