Monday Randomness: The Truth About Our Juice Fast (we ate BBQ)


So today was(supposed to be) the last day of our juice fast.

After the first 36 hours, I took another expensive trip to the grocery store for more produce.

And during that trip, I almost passed out while pushing my buggy around the aisles.

At that point I decided that juice fasting may not be for me.

So I caved and had some salmon and kale for dinner.

And then the next day I had some delicious blueberry peach cobbler that someone in our church group made.

And then the day after that I had a Chickfila sandwich….and Icedream.

And then I had a burrito bowl on Wednesday for lunch.

And Friday I had BBQ for lunch with my sister and niece.

But I did drink juice.

Mostly for breakfast and/or lunch.

And I never passed out, and I even lost 3 lbs (probably water weight, but who’s counting).

But I will say that I have no idea how my husband juice fasted for 60 days.

I have a much greater respect for his discipline (and lack of passing out).

Happy Monday!

PS. My favorite juicing combo is 3 sweet potatoes, 2 nectarines, and 1/2 a bag of spinach.

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