Retail Therapy: A few (cheapish) finds for transition weather

 I have been a very bad blogger lately, and I apologize.

But we aren’t going to spank me for being naughty because this is not that type of blog (kinky).

The fact that our lives got busier than normal, plus our home computer died, plus two new decorating clients made for the perfect storm.

But to make up for my lack of blogging, here are a couple of great finds for fall.

And if you live in SC it seems like fall started in July and then left again for a few weeks

Weird weird weather.

But don’t worry folks, I am sure it will be back in the 90’s by September.

Old Navy Scoop-Neck Jersey Dress

Anyway, I ordered this dress for myself because I was sold on the fact that it was cotton (say no to polyester).

I am usually not a fan of this sleeve length, but it worked out this time.

It looks cute with sandals and summer jewelry, but also looks great with a scarf and boots.

Old Navy Side-Shirred Fit & Flare Dress

And hello, need I say more about this dress. So so cute and flattering.


Nordstrom Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan


I have ordered three of these Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigans as Christmas presents. And I am going to buy myself one as well. They are SO SOFT. Consider it a stylish snuggie.:)

And what I love about this type of “jacket” is that it hides a multitude of evils (hide all the flab).

***Go up a size if you plan to wear long sleeves underneath. ***

And the greatest thing is all of these items that they are available in petite, regular and plus sizes.

Now go forth and fall-ize your wardrobe.

2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: A few (cheapish) finds for transition weather

  1. You’re forgiven. :) ha!!! Love the dresses but I don’t like myself in dresses too much because, well, I never look like the person modeling them. :) But I love the cardigan and plan to order one for myself. Thanks for the heads up! Hope to see you soon.

    1. I obviously don’t look like the model either but I think finding dresses that fit is WAY easier than finding pants! :) See you Thursday :)

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