Monday Randomness: I can’t do it all

I had a real life reality check this past week.

I can’t work full time, work out three times a week, be a good wife, be a step mom on the weekends, work a part time job, blog, cook from scratch meals, and still keep my sanity.

Something is going to get left behind.

Or a lot of things will get left behind.

This weekend I spent most of Saturday in Hendersonville, NC helping a young couple with furniture placement, decor and picture hanging.

But instead of thinking about all the laundry I still needed to do, and was I being a bad wife by being gone on the weekend?

And should I stop doing what I love part time?

And will life ever slow down?

I just enjoyed the moment helping a young mom make her house a home.

And I know I am growing spiritually because I am not overwhelmed with guilt of every kind. Because in the past, I would have just been a huge worry wart.

His Grace is sufficient.

I don’t have to do it all.

Because I can’t do it all.

And I am resting in that Truth is week,

(and the truth that my husband knows how to use the washing machine).

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