Home Improvement: Slightly More Organized than the Aftermath of a Tornado

This post is not really educational or inspirational.

Let’s just call it a human interest story.

So if you are human and interested keep reading.

We have a two car garage attached to our house.

We also have too much stuff (not to be confused with “junk”, per my husband).

And combined with my propensity to over-buy on paper towels and TP it has created quite a storage problem.

So we knew we needed some sort of shelving, but had yet to come up with good solution.

So our garage just continued to be slightly more organized than the aftermath of a tornado.

Until we were perusing the aisles of our local Pier 1 (which was closing because it’s moving to a more convenient location on Woodruff Road, insert sarcastic tone),

 my husband came over to me and said, “I solved our shelving problem.”


There, at a steal of $50 for a 4ft section, was our solution.

Huge wall displays from our local Pier 1.

Heavy duty, deep, and solid wood.

And now we have the fanciest garage shelves around.




We still have a lot more stuff to organize on the shelving but I just LOVE all the storage.

3 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Slightly More Organized than the Aftermath of a Tornado

  1. I saw they were moving. I should have known they would be moving to Woodruff Rd. Doesn’t every store want to be there? I just do not understand! Great buy on the shelves.what a steal for some awesome storage!

  2. I am so jealous! Our shelving in the garage doesn’t look nearly as nice! Our garage looks like a slightly better organized homeless encampment, so I completely understand your issues!

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