Home Improvement: Doing Laundry While Trying Not To Fall Down The Stairs


 Over Labor Day weekend, we worked on getting our laundry area in shape. (yes I am just getting around to posting this)

In our opinion, the washer and dryer needed to be reversed because it was impossible to reach into the dryer because of that lovely half wall.


This is one of the strangest things about our house. Our laundry area is in the stairwell.

And if you are not careful or get overly aggressive at fighting stains you can fall down the stairs. I have not done it yet. But I have come close twice.



So Joe pulled both the washer and dryer out of the stairwell, and then went to Ace to get longer hoses and drains so we could switch the placement of the laundry appliances.

Try not to be overwhelmed with this gorgeous area of our home. And after this photo I cleaned like a crazy woman. 10 years worth of dust and lint was behind that dryer!



Then we decided to add a cap to the half wall because #1 it does not looked finished and #2 the edges of the sheet rock had worn away and the metal edging was exposed.

And that edging is SHARP! I have torn many shirts as I tried to contort myself into strange positions to get to the back of the dryer.


We went with a  6″ stain grade board. Not only does it looks much more finished.  but it also does not rip your clothes which is always a plus.

Doing laundry is bad enough, but ripping your clothes while doing laundry is just more than I can take.

I plan to stain/varnish the board, add some nice shelving and maybe a big piece of casual art to help make the area feel a bit cozier.

Wish me luck!

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