Monday Randomness: My Weekend Trip All By My Lonesome and All The Things

First of all, I got a new niece this week. She is just as precious as she can be.

Mackendrick Grace. 6lb 5 oz.



In other news, I had 6 inches of hair cut off.


And almost immediately a fog seemed to clear. I think I had been living with a perpetual headache for months because my hair was so heavy.

On to the main point of this extremely long captivating post.

Back in during the summer I read on Melanie Shankle’s blog (BigMama) that she and Sophie Hudson (BooMama) would be speaking at First Baptist of Charlotte. I immediately thought “I want that for my birthday.” To turn 30, go on my own and hear them live in person. I followed them for years and love both of them.

My weekend started off with a bit of shopping in Gaffney on the way. To shop by myself was the greatest thing ever. Apparently I did not realize how in need  I was of some alone time.


And of course because I was on my own it was perfectly acceptable to have a Parmesan soft pretzel and frozen cappuccino from the QT on my way to Gaffney because my love language is bread and cheese.wpid-img_20141107_160613.jpg

Big and Boo were exactly what I expected. They love Jesus and sarcasm, and those kind of people are my kind of people.

Appreciation for sarcasm with a southern accent must also be my love language.

After the conference Friday night, I went back to my hotel and ordered room service.

It was delightful. I enjoyed eating in bed so much I ate breakfast there too:)



During the lunch break on Saturday, I ran up to the South Park Mall.

I have always wanted to go through the Crate and Barrel.

It was amazing. LOVE their product lines and furniture. I wanted to live there.

After the last session, on Saturday afternoon I ran through Ikea with list of things I needed to pick-up.

Let’s just say that was not the wisest plan, because everyone in the Queen’s city had the same idea.

The parking lot was full of cranky people with their cheap goods.

Sunday, we went to church and heard a great message on suffering well, which immediately made me feel slightly guilty for my indulgent weekend.

But only slightly:)

Then we brunched with family at a local restaurant.


Overall it was the best weekend I have had in a long time.

I feel refreshed and no longer want to strangle everyone.

That’s pure honesty right there.

Have a great week.

6 thoughts on “Monday Randomness: My Weekend Trip All By My Lonesome and All The Things

  1. WHAT???!!! You came to Charlotte and didn’t call me?! No Christmas presents for you, young one! (JK…you know I’ll always love you and besides, I already bought your present!)
    Seriously, I understand the solitude weekend and all, but NEXT TIME, please call your old aunt when you visit the Queen City. I’d love to accompany you to Crate & Barrel or South Park or Ikea…navigating Ikea (or the parking lot at Ikea!) is a lot more fun together! Love you!!!

  2. I will help to keep an eye out for the next time they are close to Greenville. My daughter introduced me to Melanie Shankle. She would love to go hear her and Boo Mama speak. I am sure it was an awesome weekend and those times alone are often some of the best and most needed.

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