How to Make a $5 Wreath

$5 wreath tutorial

Well it’s getting very merry around my house.

I thought I would share my outdoor wreaths that cost me $5 each.

And they really require no wizard-like craft skills.

Because I have no wizard-like craft skills.

I don’t even have the craft skills of a wizard’s assistant.

What I am trying to say is I am not crafty.

The wreaths are on their 3rd year and still going strong which means my $5 is really going a LONG WAY.

Here is the supply list:

  • $2.50- 18 in. grapevine wreath (craft store)
  • $1 – 9 ft. ribbon (craft store or dollar store)
  • $1- 12-15 jingle bells (dollar store)
  • $1- ready-made red velvet bow (dollar store)

Total: $5.50

I waited for the floral supplies to go on sale 1/2 price at my local Hobby Lobby before I purchased the grapevine wreaths.

Note: grapevine wreaths are not sold with the Christmas merchandise

What I love about the grapevine wreaths is that every wreath is unique so the finished product does not have to be “perfect.”

I simply wrapped the wreath in 9 ft of ribbon, attaching it to be back of the wreath with floral wire or even safety pins.

Then I wired the jingle bells on for a little bling. And finally attached the ready-made dollar store bow.

It does NOT get easier than that.

How to Make a $5 Wreath-

 I used Command strips or suction cup hooks to attach each wreath to the window.

Pillows by Ikea. (here and here)

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