Meal Planning- Week 4 and 5

whats for dinner

I promise I have been cooking.

Just not blogging.

Sometimes I have to choose between blogging and washing dishes/laundry.

And I feel like clean clothes should be somewhat of a priority.

And between us, sometimes I just use paper plates.

So here are some recipes I have tried in the last 3 weeks or so.

  • Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice (gluten free)
    • This dish was SO good and easy, and gluten free. We ate it for three meals. I did use brown rice instead of white. But it turned out SOOO well. I made it a day in advance and then reheated it with a little water in the oven. Also, it’s not spicy, just really flavorful. Perfect for kids, or grownups who are wimps.
  • Bang Bang Shrimp with Cabbage Slaw (gluten free)
    • My husband is not a huge fan of shrimp. But we both ate this up. I loved how light it was, but it tasted really indulgent. I will be making this one again and again. I used a bagged slaw mix and a bag of romaine lettuce to give it a little more of a salad flair.
  • Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Chop
    • This was the 3rd time I have made this recipe. It is really quick and tasty. The recipe would work well with chicken or shrimp too.


  • Shrimp Alfredo Bake (gluten free)
    • I was not too sure I liked this recipe immediately after I made it on Sunday, but after I baked it on Monday the flavors had combined and it was really good. I used cornstarch and corn pasta to make it gluten free.wpid-img_20141130_121236.jpg
  • Black Bean Corn Tacos
    • I added chicken to this recipe because I was feeding hungry men, but even still it is incredibly cheap to make. There is something about adding the carrots that make it sweet and spicy.
  • Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Cheddar Cheese
    • I made this last night. I reduced the cheese, used dried Italian seasoning and frozen cauliflower because it was cheaper. It tastes like a thin potato soup with lots of flavor. Don’t skip the roasting step.
  • Chocolate Zucchini Bread
    • Technically, this is not a meal but I ate it for breakfast for 3 or 4 mornings. It is the best zucchini bread recipe I have tried to date.
  •  5 Cheese Roasted Red Pepper Spread
    • This was like the tastiest pimento cheese I have ever tried. I took it to a church potluck and it disappeared. I made a second batch and used it in a grilled cheese sandwich. DEVINE!

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