What I Bought My Husband for Christmas

While I would consider my tastes rather high maintenance because I like what I like and rarely stray, my husband’s tastes are a whole other breed of high maintenance.

High maintenance in the sweetest way.

Beware, this is going to get a little sappy.

He prefers the familiar which is difficult when buying gifts because how can I buy something new that is also familiar too?

I am a poet and didn’t know it.

Anyway, this is especially true when it comes to clothing.

The longer he has owned it the better. Holes in garments does not mean they are no longer worn.

And he will only purchase one brand and style of socks. No other brands are even under consideration.

But I digress.

I realized two years ago that the best gift to him would be to find new versions of the same shirts he loves so dearly but I refuse to let him wear because they have SO many holes.

So I set out on a ebay quest to find and replace his shirts.

So the long story short is I bought him gently used shirts for Christmas.

Shirts that he already owns but without holes. Thankfully most of them are the Columbia brand so they aren’t too hard to find.

And I loved the look of confusion/delight when he opened of box of what looked like his laundry on Christmas morning.

And he said, “Hey the shirts won’t even need to be washed a bunch to be comfortable because someone else has already broken them in.”


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