Old Door to Desk Tutorial

Door-to-Desk Tutorial- thedomesticlady.com

My husband and I created this DIY project because of a need to provide a handicap accessible desk for Mitchell’s Project (part 1 and part 2).

Because Mitchell already had so much special equipment to make his life easier, I wanted a masculine, sleek but yet rustic desk that also happened to be handicap accessible rather than just going out and buying a handicap desk.

We considered using plexiglass or traditional glass as the top, but both were extremely heavy and very hard to transport.

So instead we decided to go with a clear epoxy finish.

While it was a multi-step process, the finished project was well worth it!

 The first thing you need to know is that this is not a quickie 1 hr DIY project.

Take your time, thoroughly read the epoxy instructions, don’t rush.

The process is not difficult; you just need to understand it before you get started.

Because of some user error, it took about 2 weeks from beginning to end.

Partly because we used several coats of poly on the trim and because we had to reorder more epoxy halfway through.

Here is what you will need:

The door we used was very “rustic.” It had quite a few worn places in it that epoxy would be able to leak through so my husband started by making sure the desk was leak proof. He simply filled the holes with wood filler.

Then we went to the hardware store to purchase 2″ trim to give the desk a nice smooth finished edge.

(depending on the thickness of the door you choose to may need different trim width)

We wanted to have 1/8″ lip above the door so that the epoxy would cover the door entirely.


He then attached the trim to all four sides of the door with wood screws.

After the trim was in place, he used more wood filler and sandpaper to make it smooth.

Next he carefully stained the trim with Minwax Ebony stain.

Once the stain was dry, he gave the trim four coats of polyurethane.

 After the poly was dry, he removed all the dust and debris from the door top.

And then it was FINALLY time for the epoxy.


I could give you the detailed play-by-play of the epoxy process, but the videos on bestbartopepoxy.com are so thorough that I suggest you watch them instead.

*****Follow all the instructions for the best results*****




Once all the layers of epoxy were complete we allowed it to cure for 72 hours at 75°F by using a space heater in our basement.


Then we simply attached the workbench legs.


The finished product was better than we even imagined.

I highly recommend this process. The results are amazing!

4 thoughts on “Old Door to Desk Tutorial

  1. Hi Rene,
    Thanks for this post. I have this very cool old door that i love but as one might expect the paint on it is lead based. I have been trying to figure out ways to make it safe yet still usable. I think this might be the way to do it-just completely encasing it in epoxy. It looks like you used epoxy on only one side of the door. If i was to do both sides, would you double the amount of epoxy?

    1. I am sure you could do both sides of the door but it will be VERY heavy. You will have to do one side and then the other. It will probably take a while! Good luck!

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