Retail Therapy: It’s All About the Pants and a GIVEAWAY

Winners are:

Landerlm and Jamie. Ladies I will email you this week for your selection, color, size and address.

Thanks for reading! 

I have found some great pants recently that I just had to share.

First of all it you are taller and/or thinner these probably won’t be the best finds ever because I am going to assume that finding pants that fit is not as uncommon than finding a four leaf clover. (√got in my St. Patrick’s Day reference)

But I have a really hard time finding pants that fit and don’t make me feel like a sausage in a casing that is too tight.

Great mental picture right?

I own at least 2 pairs of each of these pants.

I know I have blogged about the leggings before but you all: THEY ARE THE BEST. I have them in every color.

Old Navy just stocked their linen blend pants for the spring. You need these pants. They even come in petite. They fit every shape and size plus as long as you pull them out of the dryer quickly you don’t even have to iron them. They are perfect office-y pants if you have to wear office-y clothes during the (HUMID) southern summer months. Bless our (sweating) hearts.

The workout capri pants were a desparate purchase because I was so tired of washing my workout pants multiple times a week.

But thankfully I actually love them and purchase 2 more. They are light weight but not see through which I love.


1, 2, 3

Now to the fun part: THE GIVEAWAY.


Two winners will receive a pair of the above pants, your size and choice of color.

Giveaway is over.

To enter: just leave a comment below with your favorite season.

For three additional entries share on facebook, instagram or twitter and then leave a comment below that you did.

A winner will be picked on Tuesday, March 3rd PM via

International entries welcome.

Happy (almost) Spring!

55 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: It’s All About the Pants and a GIVEAWAY

  1. I love fall. I love everything pumpkin (especially pumpkin spice lattes), and my kid’s birthday’s, and my anniversary are during that time of year. Makes for a very special season of memories! :). Thanks so much for the opportunity, God bless! Liked and shared on Facebook.

  2. i ❤️❤️❤️fall. I love bonfires and pumpkins and the leaves changing colors and the beach in October. And I shared on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. :)

  3. I’m a fall girl…but I have to admit–Greenville seasons each have their benefits (beautiful springs, even though they come covered in green pollen; hot, humid summers, but close to the lakes and beaches; and short winters with snow days at the first forecast of a snowflake!)

  4. I can’t choose; I love them all for different reasons. Right now I’m really enjoying the fire place and hot beverages while the rain pours down. Also, any good pants are a treasure.

  5. Fall – after surviving hot summers in the south, there’s nothing better than fall and the promise of cooler temps!

  6. I think that Spring brings the breath of fresh new life with each of the buds of growth on branches! It is my favorite because of this.

  7. My fav season? All four now that I have left 20 years of upper Midwest w a long run of fall-winter-spring season and a little bit of summer. Can’t get enough of the Carolina blue sky!

  8. Favorite season used to be fall, but after our last two winters, I now adore summer and any day that is above 45 degrees.

  9. I love Fall. Besides loving college football, The sweet childhood memories and excitement of returning to school–new school supplies and such!

  10. Fall is my real favorite but here in Texas we don’t really get seasons, unfortunately. This year I’m really ready to dump winter though so looking forward to spring. Thanks for the give away!

  11. I My fav is late spring and early summer because it’s warm but not hot. My husband take the top off the jeep and we go riding!

  12. Spring is my favorite season. I love the sunshine and flowers after a dreary winter.
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  13. I actually love Winter because it’s a nice excuse to go on a vacation, cuddle, drink tea, and wear cozy and comfortable clothes like leggings!

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