Home Improvement: Stenciling an Accent Wall at Rebecca Illsley’s Home

 I had the privilege of helping a friend (and my hair dresser) with an accent wall in her home a few weekends ago.

Rebecca chose the French Floral Damask wall stencil from Royal Designs for me to use.

French Floral Damask Stencil- large

The stenciling process was incredibly easy with the help of  instructional videos online, but there were three basic steps that really helped us complete this project successfully.

  • Type of design: Because we used an irregular design matching up the pattern was very easy (and didn’t have to be perfect).  If we had used a geometric pattern or similar I would have been pulling my hair out. Painting perfection is not one of my strong points.


  • Type of paint and roller: A semi-gloss paint was used as the stencil paint over a base coat of flat paint. The base coat of flat paint quickly absorbed the semi-gloss stencil paint making the process go very quickly. Using a sponge roller with very little paint makes the process go quickly with not a lot of excess paint on the stencil (because lots of paint on the stencil smears on the wall as you go).


  • Paint color selection: We chose to use two tone application. Because there was not a lot of contrast between the two colors, we were able to hide our “oops” very easily.

photo 1 (2)


Using a sponge roller and a 8 ft ladder, my sister Nancee Lee and I completed the whole wall in about 4 hrs start to finish.

photo 2

 I didn’t have to start in the middle of the wall but I wanted to make sure the pattern was centered.

photo 3


We used painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place while we rolled the paint on.

photo 4

 Stenciling near electrical outlets can be tricky but not impossible. Just go slow and paint around the outlet without painting over it.

photo 5


Roll slowly as you get close to the trim. Using a dry roller is especially important here because you don’t want any drips!

photo 2 (2)

 Nancee Lee touched up the edges near the trim with q-tip and extra paint.

photo 3 (2)


The semi-gloss paint really sets off the design against the flat paint. It’s a HUGE impression for very little money, especially in comparison with the price of wall paper.



I have loved working on so many rooms in Rebecca’s new home!


Stenciling a wall

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