Old Fashion Banana Cake and a Tip for Ripening Bananas for Baking

This has been my dad’s birthday cake for ages.

It’s quick, simple and reminds me of February 26th every time I eat it.

It also reminds me of the time my sister (who was in 6th grade) and her friend ate this whole cake during a sleepover. It’s really that good.


Two things to note about this handwritten recipe:

1. My handwriting will never be as good as my mom’s handwriting is.

2. And my mom’s maiden name is written on this recipe which means that she had to call her to-be mother in law in California for the recipe.

Oh the things we do to please the men in our life.


The bananas I was using were not to the overripe stage yet.


So I cut them up, covered them, and then heated in the microwave for 3 minutes.



Then simply mash the bananas. Allow to cool for a few minutes before adding to the rest of the ingredients.



Any white frosting can be used for this cake.

We typically use the Jiffy white frosting because that’s how my grandma always made it for my dad.

But cream cheese frosting is great too.

2-3 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp half and half

4 oz cream cheese

Whip until smooth.



Click here for the printable version of this Old Fashion Banana Cake.

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