Monday Randomness: Baby Dedications, Porch, Cake and Selfies

The last few weeks were full of extended family, fun and thankfulness for new life.

My sister Nancee had a porch raising at her house (see the before and after pics of her home remodel here and here).

A porch raising=free family labor as long as you feed them.


We spent Saturday evening shopping for porch furniture with baby Cora.


Porch Collage

These are the basic selections we ended up with. All the items are from World Market or Target.

Then my sister Annie’s sister-in-law got married over the weekend.

Annie made the naked bacon chocolate wedding cake with maple frosting. I didn’t try it, but I heard it was decadent.

We also had two baby dedications.

My brother and his wife had Cora dedicated last weekend.

Cora is wearing the dress that my sister-in-law was dedicated in as a baby.



And then MacKendrick was dedicated Sunday morning.


MacKendrick’s dress was the same one that my sister Annie wore at her dedication 27 years ago.

Mac promptly spit up on it after her dedication, but I made my brother model the dress so you could see it:)


Prayer before our big Sunday lunch after Mac’s dedication.



Both great-grandmas with MacKendrick at lunch time.


Bailee was talking to her cousin Cora after lunch.


Just so many nieces.


Finally Sunday afternoon we took a 3+ hour nap, and then Joe and I dined at Olive Garden because we wanted too.


Happy Monday!

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