Monday Randomness: Nail Polish, Perennials, Wainscoting, and Boxed Mac and Cheese


 First off, I have discovered this insta-dri nail polish by Sally Hansen actually lives up to its name.

The color is Rush Hour, and it’s the perfect pinky/purple neutral color.

Imagine having pollen spring on your finger nails.

Last week, we had our yard worked on for reasons which I will not explain because I don’t want you to die of boredom.

But b/c of the work, I decided it was time to add a flower bed up near the mailbox.

I scored a bunch of perennials for $1 and $3 in the clearance plant sections at Lowes. Yay for cheap plants!

My husband was working on another project on Saturday so I did all the digging, hauling mulch and ground cloth by myself.

Let’s just say I am not cut out to be a farmer.

Planting is tough work.


But before I started planting, I hung some mirrors and other stuff that I purchased for a quickie home office/guest bedroom redo for a client.


Fresh paint is Liveable Green by Sherwin Williams; the bedding is from Kohls. The mirrors are from Kirklands.

Back at my house I have wanted to put some kind of wainscoting in our back hall for several years.

But I never could come up with a cheap way to do it…until I had a inspiration while standing in the paneling aisle at Home Depot. The smell of saw dust and expensive construction materials seems to have that effect on me.


Anyway the back hall is finally coming together. I will share the whole project once I get it all painted.

Let’s just say its WAY better than I even expected.

But after working literally all day Saturday I made boxed mac and cheese for dinner.

Annie’s Homegrown Shells always come through in a pinch.

Mixed with frozen broccoli and some chopped chicken.




We literally crashed on Sunday after all the work on Saturday.

Church, naps and some good food.

Have a great week!

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