Home Improvement: Master Bathroom Overhaul Part 2

This was my original plan for the bathroom.

But sometimes dreams die. Or don’t get funded for 2 years. :)
Master bath

So I regrouped and came up with a new plan on a tight budget since we are selling this house next year (we hope)!

To be honest I have been stressing about the vanity situation.

The vanities I liked/worked with my plan were $800-1000. And that price range was NOT in the budget.

There were other options in the $200 range but they were so cheaply made that I was not comfortable using them( and passing them on to the next homeowner).

But (drumroll please) guess what I found this week on Craigslist? The brand new vanity I needed for $290 with granite top and back splash!

So here is the plan we are going with since I now know what the vanity is going to look like.




Wall and Floor Tile

 Shower Floor Tile

It’s not exactly what I would have chosen, but that vanity is perfect for resale so that is what we are going with!

Read Part 1 of this project here.

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