A Turkey Burger Public Service Announcement

I have been a turkey burger naysayer for quite a while because I thought the grinding of poultry was a crime against nature.

But I must confess: I have been misguided.

These burgers are GREAT. Seriously. I have already made them twice this summer.

(click the photo for the recipe link)

They work great on the grill if you make the patties a few hours in advance and then refrigerate.

Each batch makes about 5-6 burgers.

Heat the grill to 500ºF and then turn it down to low before placing the burgers on the grates.

I would guess they take about 4 min on each side because I make mine pretty thin. Top with cheese and guacamole.

2 thoughts on “A Turkey Burger Public Service Announcement

  1. This sounds yummy, Rene — and I especially appreciate the healthier alternative. I’ve never made anything from turkey but this may be a first. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve used ground turkey since Shane was a boy, turkey burgers, turkey loaf, & turkey”joes” made with bbq sauce, u can use wherever u use ground meat😉

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