Summer Hair and Summer Dresses

Summertime means little make-up and no hairdryers to me.

Also sundresses.

Two things I have discovered this summer to help with the overachiever goals above?

No-Heat Headband Curls and Skimmies.

I have done the headband curls 4xs already this summer, and they are perfection.

I just wash my hair before bed, comb it out, let is air dry for about 20 minutes and then I follow the tutorial below.

When you first take out the curls in the morning, they look a little crazy. But DON’T touch them. Let them relax on their own.

When I do my hair this way my get-ready time in the morning is 15 min. I don’t care who you are. That’s impressive.

I found the headband I needed at the Dollar Tree, but you can find them at any drug store or Target.

click the photo below for the full tutorial with tips.

Okay, on to the summer dresses.

This is sorta a sensitive subject. Or at least one that most people don’t talk about.

Sweating (perspiring, glistening whatever your preferred term is) while wearing a summer dress is not pretty.

At least not when you have to sit down and stand up.

I am just going to say it. Butt sweat is the worst.

Drum roll: There is a solution.


Jockey Skimmies Slip Short

click the photo for the shopping link

These are not Spanx-like at all. They are just a super thin silky short that feel like a dream to wear.

I instantly felt cooler and like everything under my dress was in place. TMI?

I think they would be perfect under thin white pants when you need a little extra coverage too.

Target also sells a version for $12. As far as I can tell they are exactly the same.

The packaging looks like this.↓


click the photo for the shopping link

Do yourself a favor and go buy a pair or two!

You will love them!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Hair and Summer Dresses

  1. Thanks for the tip! I actually saw those at Target the other day and wondered about them. :) I’m gonna buy me a pair now! Spanx are too thick and hot.

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