Summer Blogging 2015

When April/May 2015 rolled around I had no idea what the summer had in store for us.

But I had plans for lots of recipes using summer produce that I could not wait to get posted.

I started getting phone calls for more decor consultations while we were on vacation in May, and it snowballed from there.

The extra work has been awesome.

We have been able to complete a bunch of home projects that we weren’t expecting to be able to complete because of the extra $$ in our budget.

And that hopefully means we will sell our house even faster!

But because of all the work and projects I have not been blogging much.

But bear with me. New posts are coming soon.

 I can’t wait to share the biggest project: our finished master bathroom.

And once we purchase another home in the spring (we hope!) there will be lots more projects to come.

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