Retail Therapy: Estate Sales and How I Shop Them from Home

You all, we have been working hard getting our house ship shape in order to put it on the market.
One of the areas that really needed some love was our deck. My husband plans to pressure wash and refinish it once the weather cools off, but I also knew I wanted to stage it somehow.
So I started searching Craigslist and estate sales for a simple rod iron set that would give a little life to our deck.

After looking about 6 months, I finally found a set that would work. An over-sized heavy duty comfy set with custom cushions for $130. Then I picked up an umbrella from Goodwill.




The cushions are not my favorite, but I will recover them once we move and I know what the outdoor area will look like.

If you have ever shopped estate sales you know that they don’t cater to full time working schedules. I miss lots of them because I am at work (or let’s be honest, sleeping in on a Saturday morning).

But I use a website for local estate sale auctions that is wonderful. Seriously. You can shop for used couches from your couch. is awesome because it’s an international site similar to Ebay, but specifically for local estate and real estate auctions.

I have gotten all sorts of things from them: furniture, appliances, and household stuff.


I highly recommend them.

Go enter in your zip code and see if there are any online auctions in your area:)

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