Home Improvement: $3 door hardware update


This project may take the cake as the cheapest ever.

It is very easy and is perfect for rookie DIYers. Just follow the instructions below.



One $3 can of paint covered 12 sets of door knobs.



A couple of tips to make sure this project is successful.

1. Make sure the hardware is clean before you set it up to paint. Do NOT place the hardware on a plastic bag to spray. Use cardboard.
2. Buy Rustoleum paint with primer built-in. I bought flat black. It worked great. Don’t cheap out on the paint.
3. Do 2-4 light coats with a hour of drying time between coats. Do not spray paint in direct sunlight. The sun causes the paint to do weird things.
4. Do not touch the painted hardware for at least 48 hours! It really takes that long for the paint to cure and defume. DON’T RUSH.


I seriously can’t believe I didn’t do this 3 years ago when I moved in. It makes such a big difference in the look of our home.

Next up, painting brass ceiling fans!

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13 thoughts on “Home Improvement: $3 door hardware update

  1. I moved into a house recently. To update and modernize, I bought all new door knobs and it was not cheap. I did not think to DIY- spray paint. Great idea!

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