Master Bathroom Overhaul- Finished!

Click here to read the Part 1 and Part 2 of this project.

I am so glad to finally have our master bathroom done!

I just wish we had done it sooner.

We had two goals on this bathroom.

Stick to a tight budget.

And make it universally appealing to home buyers since we will be putting our house on the market soon. 

We converted the fiberglass shower stall into a tiled walk-in shower with glass doors to give the bathroom a nice upgrade.

I had the installer take the tile all the way to the ceiling which makes the bathroom feel SO much bigger.




Sink photo Toilet Photo vanity photo PicMonkey Collage



Now you may ask how much did this all cost? Well we spread the cost out over about 9 months. Here is the budget breakdown.

  •  free b/c we did it ourselves- Demo
  • $900- Tile and Materials (Lowes and
  • $1800-Tile Labor and Light Fixture Wiring Installation (Nathan Wolfe and ACEP)
  • $180- Plumbing Fixtures (
  • $320- Vanity with Granite Top (found on craigslist)
  • $5- Mercury Glass knobs for Vanity
  • $650- Glass Shower Doors
  • $20- Light Fixture (found on consignment)
  • $30- Paint
  • $50- Trim

Total: $3955

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