2015 Unique Gift Guide plus a free HOLIDAY Organizer


These are so good. I ordered about 15 cans of these this year. They are budget friendly and seriously delicious! Grown and made in Virginia. 

Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan

These pizza pans are the BEST. If you struggle with soggy bottom pizza, this is the solution. They really do the job well! Combine a pizza pan with your favorite marinara and good pepperoni for a unique gift.

Stitched Pendant
Hue Low Cut No Show Sock liners

These cotton socks are so great. Breathable but still keep your feet warm when wearing flats in the cold.

Birthstone Bangle, Stackable Bangle Bracelet $9


Snap-On 870930 LED Pocket Sticklight $6
Craftsman Quick Release Tear Drop Ratchet $15.99

My husband owns both of these items. The Craftsman ratchet “is the best designed tool ever” according to my husband. And the flashlight is perfect for storing in a glove box or in a nightstand for power outages.

Paint Your Own Porcelain Vases

Pompom Throw $16

3D Globe Puzzle


And if you need help getting organized this month go over to Day Designer to download a free gift organizer. I used it this year which hopefully means I didn’t forget any gifts like I did last year :(

click here for the free Holiday Gift Organizer

2 thoughts on “2015 Unique Gift Guide plus a free HOLIDAY Organizer

  1. Every Christmas we received Virginia peanuts from my great-aunt, but the tradition stopped with her passing. I think it’s time for a new tradition to begin, especially now that they’re coated with chocolate. YUM!!!!! Thanks for the great ideas, Rene. :)

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