Blessed Beyond Measure

God’s timing is not necessarily our timing.

We did not plan to have a baby the same spring/summer we sold our house and moved across the city.

We did not plan for me to quit my day job the same week as our house closing.

We did not plan to buy a fixer upper since we had a baby on the way.

But we are so thankful that He knows better for us. I know there will be hard transition days. And going from working outside the home all the time to a slightly slower pace will be an adjustment for me and my go-getter personality, but I know we will be fine. I went into this whole moving process with a lot of fear (some can be blamed on pregnancy hormones), but as someone who is not a super fearful person it really threw me for a loop. And yet there was really no need for fear. All our needs have been (more than) met. Here are just a few of the blessings in our lives recently.

  • Our house sold the first day it was on the market, at over asking price.
  • We found our new house and 4 acres 48 hours later, and even though it already had two offers on it we got the contract!
  • Inspection on both houses went incredibly well.
  • We should be able to split off 2 acres to sell to pay for the remodels we want to do on the new(old) house.
  • Our closings ended up being two weeks apart giving us a lot of time to move. It has been so much less stressful than I imagined.
  • Before we even moved in, we were able to afford to have two rooms of paneling and cabinets painted as a “band-aid” until we start the major renovations in a few months making the kitchen much less of an eyesore.
  • My transition from working full-time and a part-time jobs to just part-time has been stressful, but I am happy to say that my replacement at my day job is great. And I know she will keep my husband’s office running fine. And my design business is still going strong. I am so thankful for all the new clients I have gotten this spring alone.
  • image

    We are so thankful for all the DIY (and life) lessons we have learned in this house. And we are looking forward to making memories in the new one. :)

One thought on “Blessed Beyond Measure

  1. Best wishes to you and Joe on all the new things going on in your lives. Lorraine (friend of Joe’s mom Linda) I’ve known Joe since he was born.

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