My Baby Party and Giveaway Winners

My sweet family and friends threw me a great baby shower a few weeks ago.

We had a blast! It is always fun to get together with so many people I have known all my life.

All the ladies in the first photo made the shower possible.

And it is always fun to spend time with friends from high school.

The food was scrumptious, the flowers were gorgeous, and the cookies were as cute as they could be.

I am so blessed with a wonderful support group.

This pregnancy has felt so long and yet so short with all the life changes going on, but I am 36 weeks pregnant so the end is near (hopefully)!

And the winners of the book and earring giveaway from are Athena and Lauren Washer. I will email you all for your addresses and earring choice:)

3 thoughts on “My Baby Party and Giveaway Winners

  1. Your baby shower looks so awesome. Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners of birth the giveaway.

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