Month One of Mommyhood and Postpartum Survival

I can’t believe we have had Parker for a month already. He wowed us at his first month check-up by being at the top of the charts for weight, height, and head circumference. He is going to be a big boy. His feeding schedule averages every 2.5 hours during the day; and thankfully, he sleeps like a champ at night (we are working on nap times :).

My recovery after labor and delivery took a lot longer than I expected. But I am happy that I finally am feeling stronger and more like my old self, sort of. If my old self was sleep deprived and more saggy than normal.:) Although I have been told I won’t completely feel normal again until after I am done breastfeeding. I plan to go back to work in September part time again. I have 4 decorating projects already lined up. I am really looking forward to having something to keep my mind busy and creative. I like being a mom, but I really NEED a creative outlet.

There are a few things that I wanted to share that have really made my life easier and more enjoyable these past few weeks.

Washable Memory Foam Body Pillow– My husband bought me one of these for Christmas. I used it during my pregnancy. But I have also found that I LOVE it now too. I use it to prop myself up in bed when I hold the baby, and it also helps elevate me during the night if I have engorgement (TMI?) pain. I have never been a huge fan of body pillows, but this one made me a convert. I really do LOVE it.

Glamourmom Nursing Tank – I have purchased numerous nursing tanks, and this one is the best! I actually purchased it at the breastfeeding center at my pediatrican’s office. The tanks are not cheap, but they are super high quality. If you purchase through their outlet online you can get them 50% off.

Playtex Nursing Bra– My favorite nursing bras have been several that I purchased from Soma a few months back. But like most good products…they discontinued the style I liked. But this style by Playtex is my 2nd favorite, and it is much more budget friendly.


Yummy breakfast– This may seem like a dumb survival tip, but especially when we were still doing the every 2 hr feedings all night, knowing that there was something good to eat for breakfast really helped my mental state. Several sweet people brought me breakfast stuff, and I made a couple loaves of my favorite banana bread (I just use regular chocolate chips). 


Nutella Swirled Peanut Butter Banana Bread- Sally’s Baking Addiction

Binge Watch TV series– My sister Annie gave me this tip. Binge TV shows during those early weeks when you are just in survival mode (mentally and physically)…but only the funny shows. And boy was she right. I tried watching one drama series, and it put me over the edge. My anxiety went through the roof. So watch the funny shows. Keep things as light as possible. Laughing is good for the soul, especially when you just pushed a baby out of your body.

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