Today is My Wedding Day

Originally posted 11/3/2012

Today is my wedding day.

As most girls, I have looked forward to this day for years.

But not because I would not be complete until I was married.

But because my wedding day meant that I had found someone who I liked above everyone else.

And that person liked me back, enough to propose and commit to living life together…as long as we both shall live.

Commitment to serving each other even when it’s not easy. A commitment that truly displays the Gospel.

This is not a super romantic thought process, but it’s the truth.

And I am blessed to have a man who knows the real me, loves me anyway and is going to marry me today.

But if I didn’t have him I would be okay.

It might be hard, but I would be okay.

Only Christ truly fills any void that I may feel on my own.

And it’s by this Truth that I can live a joyful, fulfilling and fruitful life.

I only bring this up because there was a time when I thought that I could not go on in life until I got married.

And if no one “wanted” me than that meant I was not worthy.

Not worthy to live a happy and fruitful life.

And that’s what you hear a lot today.

“He completes me.”

“I could not live without him.”

“Without him I am nothing.”

What’s sad about this mindset is that it communicates to young women that “if you don’t have a man” than you are not complete.

I can’t tell you how much that mindset bothers me.

That kind of lie will cause so much heartache.

Grasping for any man who will show you attention.

Or doing anything to receive attention from a man.

It just leads to a relationship based on nothing other than a need to feel wanted and fulfilled.

But no one person can truly fulfill that void and make you happy.

And placing your happiness in someone else’s hands is just useless.

Not only is that a huge amount of pressure to put on someone, but everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone will let you down at some point because no one is perfect.

And when that person no longer gives you the happiness you desire, you will start looking for that happiness in something or with someone else.

Only Christ can truly provide lasting joy and happiness.

On this joyful and happy day, these thoughts are going through my mind.

(Along with about 100 other tiny details, like where I left my car keys and how in the world we are going to leave for our honeymoon without car keys)

But I am so grateful to God who has allowed me to love and be loved on this earth; and I can’t wait to see all He has in store for our future.


(for the last time as )

H. Rene’ Peery

4 thoughts on “Today is My Wedding Day

  1. I feel like we should have lunch sometime. So many of the things you’ve posted about your wedding – both here and in the post with the pictures where you explained things (I think I saw it on Facebook earlier this week) resonate with me, not the least of which is the many prayers that were answered when you had the PERFECT day for your outdoor wedding :) Enjoying your blog and wishing I were disciplined enough to write as much as you do :) Keep it up!

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