Pregnancy is not for wimps and baby scurvy

That’s right.

After a long wait, we are finally expecting a baby late in the summer. We surprised family and friends over the Christmas holiday. Excited and a little overwhelmed is the best way to describe the whole experience.

But I have to say pregnancy is not for wimps.

I have never been more confused and frustrated by so many strange pregnancy symptoms. I expected the moderate symptoms that others have shared with me. But the NAUSEA,  HEARTBURN and EXHAUSTION. It is the worst.

Turkey, eggs, tomatoes, salads, vegetables, iced tea and most cheeses are dead to me. Of course until I crave them. Pregnancy makes no sense.

Please tell me this goes away.¬†Clementines are the only thing that sound appetizing right now. At least the baby won’t get scurvy.

And more than one evening I have fallen asleep at 6:30 after eating a super-food dinner of a Wendy’s baked potato and french fries. #givemeallthestarches #doublepotato

Anyway, all this to say. LIFE CHANGES are coming. New house, job change, both boys at college, and a new baby. It’s enough to give me a panic attack. But it will be worth it.



I hope!

By the time this posts, I will be through my first trimester. I am looking forward to sharing our house hunt, nursery decor and lots more this year.

Happy New Year!